Tuesday, July 10, 2012

moving along...

Lycra man and I did the 5 hour drive,( give or take an hour depending on who is driving) to Davis last weekend.

We went to help the oldest daughter move to the big city, Sacramento. She will be starting law school there in about a month.

I am going to miss Davis. I always loved to watch these huge wild rabbits in the field every morning, outside our hotel.

The city of Davis has placed owl boxes around town. There was a big owl box near the restaurant where we were having dinner and we were fortunate enough to see 3 barn owls waking up and preparing to leave for the evening hunt. Lycra man took a photo...

Mean while back at the ranch, the garden is growing well, Kathy is home and i am enjoying that quite a bit. Lycra man needs a new bike, that last crash messed up the derailer or something....

some friends and I have been contributing to another blog since January. It is called 52, for the 52 weeks in a year. we post a picture a week following a theme for that week. The theme can be interpreted by the photographer as they like. This weeks theme is, footprints in the sand. I have posted my photo, the others will post sometime during the week. check it out 52 .

That's about it from Casa Bass, our temps are rising out side, I have a bunny off her feed, always a concern with rabbits, I am trying to decide who to enter in the fair, entries are due tomorrow...no worries...better hop to it!


  1. You know what those Owls EAT, don't you?!!! :O

    1. Yes,I know. I had my 4-h birding group disect owl pellets...quite fun!