Thursday, July 26, 2012

I just turned the calendar July

I have been busy, but not the crazy I gotta get there busy, more of the nice and easy summertime busy...Here are some of the things I have been up to and or seeing.

I know, I said no more mallards, but the babies were so cute!

I have been visiting the library, a lot! Using my cool bag my old OSU roomie Keeney made and sent to me..

The garden is doing well, well ok the tomatoes are doing well. corn is done, squash dried up. the tomatoes outside the basket are heirloom and boy do they taste goooood!

I visited the local garden center, to replace dried up squash plants, and saw these cool tomato me thinking of all kinds of things I could make with them.

Baby coopers Hawk, named him Calvin. Pictures are blurry as I didn't want to scare him off.

he was eyeballing the fish, I thought maybe he was confused about what he is supposed to I usually do, see something, wonder about it, look it up, I guess these guys do eat fish as well as small mammals and birds...yes I know this could be what happened to Mrs Finch, but that is the circle of life. The coopers hawks nest near us and have been coming to our yard for years. Mom and pop teach them how to fly under the cover over the koi pond to get drinks and take a bath. they are funny to watch. Calvin here was also trying to hunt...the guy's got goals, he was after humming birds, of course they were the only birds left in the yard when he was here, I think they laugh at him. We heard and saw no other birds in the yard until Calvin had been gone for a half hour. He hasn't been here so much this week. as they get older they venture further from the nest.


Lesser Gold finches. they love to come and eat the basil seed, they are so tiny.

Well that is about it for now...county fair coming up and and a few more exciting things I will tell you about next time!


  1. Fabulous photos!! Love those plant holders in all of those colors. What were you thinking to do with them? Glad you are having fun with your bag!!

  2. welllll, in the floral design world , florist sometimes wire together structures...i was thinking man ready made structures for _______________________ just add flowers

  3. So, what is the magic material with the incredible properties that will survive both winter with Keeney, and Summer with you? That is about 160 or so degrees in there. :-)

    I think things like "no more mallards" are ephemeral policy statements, we all understand the implied "for the moment". Each mallard deserves its moment of fame does it not?