Sunday, April 22, 2012

Four years already! It sure went fast.

Lycra man and I drove the 400 plus miles to see the oldest daughter at UC Davis and attend the annual Picnic Day. The next time we visit  will be in 2 months and it will be for Brenda's Graduation!

a couple of photos from the drive...

 The orange color are California poppies blooming up in the Tejon  Pass.

Tumble weeds caught in the fence along the freeway...just multiply that by 1000 add some citrus orchards, vineyards, almond orchards and sage brush and you have what we saw along the way, really green now, but by June it will be brown.

I couldn't help but remissness. After moving her into her dorm those almost 4  years ago, I almost had a panic attack. It felt like I was leaving her on the side of the road to fend for her self...

Freshman move in day 4 years ago

Guess what...she did alright. 

And now UC Davis Picnic day parade...

Davis is know for its bikes, they are everywhere, which Lycra man loves.

They are walking backwards, tour guides, get it????

5 DeLorean's in a row!!!!!!!!! followed by electric cars...

cool lion dance thing...

Tour de cluck....

We had a great visit!


  1. It looks like a perfect day for a parade!
    Glad you had a great visit!

    1. It was! We saw sheep dog demos, baby chicks and quail hatching, the horse air rescue ambulance demo for the vet school....and a lot of other cool things.