Monday, April 2, 2012

Did my little duck friends survive the big party?

It was a big celebration in the park this week end. I wrote about this last year, I love reading the paper puddles after this event. What are paper puddles you ask, the fliers that are left behind.

Car detailing, realtor's, home furnishings, up coming concerts, it is really fun.

They had arts and crafts booths, food booths and music, 3,000 cars by 11:00 a.m the paper said, wow. Every year I think about attending, maybe next year, I would love to see it.

so I was worried about the baby ducks, that is a heck of a lot of people and you and I know these little guys are um...bold shall we say...from my encounter last week.

never they are with mom and pop near by, dozing in the early morning sun.  By the time I made it back around to the pond, they were in the water.

the sun shining through their little fuzzy feathers, makes it looks like they are glowing.

I spied a baby rabbit this a.m too, so all is well at the park.

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