Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm still here!

I'm still here. I have been, puny, as my granny would have said. You know, unwell, sick, under the weather...whatever. Had a bacterial infection, lost 20 pounds ( that part was good!) Doc put me on antibiotic and I am getting better everyday.

So to catch you up on other things...remember these guys??? The Finch Family.. the baby's hatched and grew and flew. all in that month I was....off.

While the finch family was growing, the hummers started in with round 2 , a second clutch of babies. It was interesting to watch mom Hummer fly over and get right in the face of the baby finches, probably complaining they were playing their music too loud. She also flew over and got right up in daddy finches face too, probably complaining about the kids...bet the finches were sorry they built in this neighborhood.

Just when I got on the mend, Lycra Man crashed himself. He is OK, just pretty skinned up, broke the cleat off his shoe and some such something is messed up on the bike.

Hank is good, the bunnies are good, the kids are good...I am better, Lycra man is getting better, so I guess life is pretty good here!

Nice to be back.


  1. ...and it's nice to have you back, Jenean. Bacterial infections can lead to some serious medical conditions, glad you're on the mend and feeling better. Bike accidents can be scary too...another blogging friend's husband, a long time biker, had an accident about this time last year. Take care!

  2. I'm sorry you were so ill. 20 pounds is a lot to lose and though I'm happy that you are happy with the weight loss I do hope you are feeling much better and on your way to being fit and healthy once again.
    Paula @VanillaBeanBake