Monday, February 20, 2012

Snap Shots

Sick bunny, had to move Gandolph inside. I can give him his medicine easier and he is warmer, i know it isn't THAT cold, but when you are only 2 pounds, got a stuffy nose and won't eat, you get to come in the house. Gan is eating up a storm now.

Mr and Mrs. Mallard are back

We have a bumper crop of tangelos, they are almost ripe.

potatoes growing in the garden,

Onions growing in the garden,

bees buzzing under the gazebo, 

Helped my Friend Irma make flowers for her father in laws funeral.

Rosemary-Lemon coffee cake...yummy!

Pictures I took for the blog 52 for the purple post, these are the runners up...but I still like them.


  1. Purple is pretty, but I love the orange tangelos, Jenean!

  2. Those are rocking' shoes..are they yours? Glad Gan is doing better!

    1. No they are Kathy's. She loves purple and cool looking shoes. Also hats, the kid loves and wears hats...

  3. Glad I got to see the 'runners up' pics. Please wish Gan better health from me and a hug if that is allowed and permitted, he is the prettiest bunny I've ever seen. Snowy/sunny egret comes in good aswell! Well done getting him/her to trust you enough.