Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Posy post number...I forget...

Last night in class we were working on formal linear design, and rhythm, a visual flow, to assist the eye in moving easily through a design.

It looks like the bird of paradise are dancing to me. See the leaf like thing curling around,
it is called a belt.
We made that with 5 pieces of lemon grass wired together.  I used purple wire.

We also learned how to make a bird out of two aloe leaves....I don't know if I could make it again. I think I will practice though because it was pretty cool!

Last week we learned how to work with wire for boutonnieres and wrist corsages. Kind of cool looking, the high school kids in the class really liked them.

wrist corsage and boutonniere, on wire frame.

Fun times in flower class!


  1. Fun times indeed. You are making gorgeous things and I'm glad you are sharing them with us.

  2. Your BOP looks very graceful!

    I like the wire detail, but I agree with you about wearing.

  3. I am impressed and especially like the way you wired lemon grass together. You cracked the brief okay I would say, well done!