Friday, January 28, 2011

A tentative step in the empty nest direction. My first solo rabbit show.

This is Gigi being judged in December. I am really looking forward to how she and her brothers do at the upcoming show on Saturday. As I said in the title this will be my first show sans kids and/or husband. It is a bitter sweet thing . I loved the time I got to share with my girls driving to and from shows as well as the time there. I was so proud of them when their rabbits did well on the show table. I was proud of their behavior when their rabbits didn't do well on the show table too. That happens in showing animals. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.
I am looking forward to seeing my rabbit friends, and seeing some of the 4-H kids I have met over the years at the 4-H show I used to help put on .
I think it will be a good day Saturday. I'll stack my CD deck in the car ,load the bunnies and the rabbit/human support gear, and hit the road at o dark thirty. The training wheels are off!

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