Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big and small, Yellowstone has them all.

I spent 8 days in Yellowstone national park. I have quite  few pictures I want to share, so many I think I will share them in installments.

Today's issue...Buffalo (Tatanka)

These guys are huge,they stand 5- 6.5 feet tall, can weigh over 1 ton, can run 40 mph. It was the middle of the rut, so must of the buffalo were in the valleys. Occasionally we saw one lone bull, here and there in the park, the park employees said they were bulls past their prime and would not be joining the rut.

Part of their display to impress the lady buffalo is rolling in the dirt, the bigger dust cloud you make the better... I have a some what blurred picture of a huge bull...throwing his weight around...
Here he is standing

Here he is rolling.

 I left the cars and people in so you can get an idea of his size. His lady friends were to the left out of the picture

Following are some shots of other bulls around the park.

 This fellow is pretty old, he has scars on his flanks. He was up in the mountains around the lake, pretty much done with the chasing women part of his life.

this is his take on tourist.

We went over to the Lamar valley were the ladies and calves were. Lots of young bulls there, rolling , pawing the ground, pushing each other around.

I saw a little red calf, a late season calf.

He should be as big as the brown calf behind him. Our wild life guide said it was likely he will not make it through the winter.

Tomorrow, the small stuff!


  1. We got a great video of 2 young bulls fighting over a wallowing spot then this older bull sneaks in beside them and starts wallowing. The 2 fought for a few minutes. They didn’t seem to realize what had happened, then one of them noticed the big guy and stopped fighting. They both looked like they were thinking, “Oh crap.” For a minute I thought they would both challenge him but then they both just left. I kept thinking we should send the footage to Nat Geo or something, but now I can’t find it. It was classic.

    1. Sherry how cool, keep looking for that video....I hate when I can't find things. Was that from last summer, I think it was last summer you went, right? Did you see wolves?

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  3. They are impressive animals! It looks like there are a lot more than there used to be?

    1. Sharon, the park service just completed its buffalo caount they have approximatly 4,600 an 8.75 % incread over last year. peak was 5,000 in 2005