Monday, February 25, 2013

Road trip with Claire, my coffee/flower lady friend!

Claire and I took a trip down to the Shinoda design center in Santa Ana Sunday. The design center is a huge warehouse full of all kinds of stuff for florist. We attended the spring show, watched designers doing demos. It was fun, it is always fun to go places with Claire, she has the same sense of hummer as I do. we'll be walking down an isle, one of us stops and says something like," really?"or,"uhmm", the other one looks at the object of our speculation, and then we both start laughing....or she picks up a prop and makes a joke...

Claire, in her interpretation of Horton hears a who..2013

Claire, being Queen Frostine 2012
makes for a really good time!

On a completely different topic, have you noticed Cadillac is making their tail lights reminiscent of the old fin look?

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