Thursday, December 2, 2010

A gift from the heart, touches the heart.

The other day I was looking at our pomegranate tree and noticed that the pomegranate fruit, coming ripe at this time of year, looks like Christmas ornaments, which got me to thinking about Christmas ornaments in general. I remember the very first Christmas ornament anyone gave me. It was a Precious moment’s glass ornament from Hallmark. I received it in 1975; the date is on the side, from my good friend Denise Jacobson. I still have that ornament. It goes up on the tree every year. Denise continued to give me ornaments up until the time we both got to be busy married women and moms. I have them all. I have the cute little ribbon angel my college roommate Sharon Dawn Keeney gave me. In later years I used it as a template for a craft project with my Girl Scout Troup. Over the years I have received more ornaments from friends and family, my sister searches long and hard for just the perfect one to send…and she always hits it on the nose.

A few years ago I started giving ornaments to my two daughters, every year a new owl for the oldest daughter Brenda some kind of horse thing for the youngest, Kathy, maybe a rabbit ornament thrown in as well. My thought is, when they are grown and gone, I will box up their ornaments and send them to them for their trees in their homes. My first Christmas away from home, a box arrived in the mail with fragile written all over it in my mom’s hand writing. I opened it, reached in and pulled out a round object wrapped in tissue paper. When tissue was removed, there was the precious moments ornament, circa 1975. I cried like a baby.

So this Christmas season, do not hesitate to give that present you know is perfect for someone, because if it comes from the heart, it probably is.

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