Thursday, March 4, 2010

Koffee Klutch

Today is a pot luck breakfast at a members home.I am taking this blueberry-almond french toast bake...supposed to be good for you, no really, got it out of a low fat cook book, to the Friday morning coffee group. These ladies have been together since their kids were in diapers. I joined 4 years ago. We have been through the kids going off to college, deaths of our parents, death of a sibling, two cancer diagnoses, children in rehab, lay offs and the most important question, to dye or not to dye. Hair that is, we are women of a certain age in southern California after all! I get a lot of ribbing about this group, how 1950's. But hey, we all need friends. In my opinion this blog and face book are just 2010 coffee groups. How many of us sit in front of the computer on chat talking about similar things mentioned above with a coffee cup at hand, maybe sometimes a beer!!!!

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